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Today Wendy's unveiled their new logo, to replace their current logo next March. From their press release:

The ongoing brand transformation will extend to Wendy's new logo in March 2013, when a contemporary look will be introduced on packaging, advertising, crew uniforms, restaurant signage, menuboards and websites.

The evolved design for the logo is contemporary and iconic, as it further emphasizes the Wendy's cameo while retaining the familiar Wendy's "wave" design.

"We want the most prominent symbol of our brand to reflect the transformation that's currently under way," said Craig Bahner, Chief Marketing Officer. "Our refreshed logo signals the innovation and fresh thinking taking place at Wendy's, while reinforcing that we are staying true to our values as a distinct and beloved brand."

The new brand logo was designed by Tesser, an award-winning design firm based in San Francisco.


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This is Wendy's first logo update since 1983, and it looks like the logo's biggest change since the restaurant was founded in 1969. Pigtailed Wendy is here to stay with a slight makeover, but the old-fashioned lettering gets tossed out.

Here's some analysis from brand identity design blog Brand New:

The new logo is an excellent update. All of Wendy's elements are intact, but very nicely re-rendered. The hair now has volume (and styling), as opposed to the flat helmet hair of the old logo. The bows are more plump. The dress has been cut shorter along the neck so it doesn't look like she's going to a Renaissance fair. And the freckles, and the smile, and the innocent look are all there, inside a circle and not a weird oval. The wordmark is the more dramatic change. The brushy, hand-drawn, bold script approach is great: it feels friendly, casual, and different from all other quick-service hamburger joints. There are strange things happening like the "e" connecting into the "W", the counter of the "d" being too hard-angled in contrast with the rest of the letters, and the "n" being a little wonky. But I could put a dozen of those plump apostrophes on my burger and eat 'em all up.


In addition to the new logo, Wendy's "brand transformation" includes updating their restaurants with "ultra-modern" designs that include lounge seating, fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, and Wi-Fi, and continuing to emphasize fresh ingredients and preparation with their menu items.

What do you think of the new logo?

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