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If you're still looking for a Halloween costume idea, here are some suggestions that'll help you show the world you love burgers.

Burger Costumes


First up: how to dress up like a good ol' burger. This costume ($19.42) is inexpensive, but for good reason: It's just a picture of a burger printed on polyester tunic. This one ($89.99; also in kid's size) looks nicer, if you're willing to spend more money. This costume ($35.99) of Gene from Bob's Burgers works too since it's just a burger costume with a bonus megaphone cut-out.

Feeling crafty? Make a costume yourself. If you're handy with a sewing machine, this detailed tutorial from The Burgerfoot Chronicles, although time consuming, gives awesome results. For something easier, check out this tutorial from Lit and Laundry. This homemade costume by Traci's Thread doesn't include a tutorial, but may provide some inspiration.


[Photograph: Meredith Smith]

It's not hard to come up with DIY burger costume. A few years ago Kenji pulled one together with an orange shirt and some felt.


[Photograph: Yandy.com]

Because Halloween isn't complete without a sexy version of everything (seriously, WTF), yes, you can buy a sexy hamburger costume ($39.95). For a more impressive hamburger dress, crochet the entire thing à la Joy Kampia. If crocheting is too time consuming, you can also make a hamburger dress with a tan camisole and felt.

Burger Characters


Burger King's old mascot the King may be retired, but you can still buy costumes of his creepy likeness online. Unfortunately, this costume ($37.89) sounds pretty crappy from the reviews. You may be better off just getting a mask ($27) and finding the other parts elsewhere.

Ronald McDonald costumes aren't as easy to find. There are some on eBay or you could try to make it yourself. (There's also this Ronald McDonald costume, but...no.) If you're really lazy, you can just wear a Ronald McDonald mask ($6.96; for kids). Another McDonald's option is dressing up as the Hamburglar ($69.99).

For Jack in the Box fans, here are instructions on how to make Jack's head. Just add a business suit. You can also buy a head at the appropriately named jackintheboxhead.com ($90).

If you don't have long red hair (like Shaun White), Wendy's pigtails can be recreated with a Pippi Longstocking wig ($11), although you'll have to supply your own blue and white-striped dress. (Maybe a Dorothy costume is close enough?)

Some other burger-related characters: Big Boy ($74.99; or just a mask), Bob of Bob's Burgers ($16.99; or, um, maybe you already have a white apron and a moustache); and the Hamburger Helper hand.

Group Costumes


If you don't want to be a lonely burger on Halloween, get some friends or family members to join you as french fries ($39.99), ketchup ($44.99), mustard ($44.99), hot dog ($44.99), or soda ($39.99). You can even include your dog ($19.99). Babies can join in too as lil' ketchup packets ($24.99).

If you have a group of five Bob's Burgers-loving friends, it wouldn't be hard to all dress up like the Belcher family. Craft blog Hands Occupied has a tutorial for Louise's hat and dress.


[Photograph: Julie Coe]

Here's another fun idea Serious Eats reader Julie Coe sent to us a few years ago: Big Boy family.


[Photograph: Jon and Eli Murray]]

Or dress up as a In-N-Out employee while carrying around your baby burger, as Serious Eats reader Jon Murray did.

The costume ideas could go on for ages (for instance, zombie-fying or mummifying or Dracula-fying or some other -fying every costume to be more Halloween-themed), so I'll stop here. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? (I'm afraid I'm skipping burgers in favor of dressing up as one of my favorite cartoon characters, BMO.)

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