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From the fast food chain that brought you $16 fois gras-topped burgers come new sandwiches (and one salad) featuring Canadian lobster. To celebrate the opening of their second location in Japan in Roppongi Hills on August 17, Wendy's Japan is offering three new Ocean Premium menu items:

  • The Surf and Turf burger, a beef patty topped with lobster, lettuce, tomato, and red onion (¥1280, about $16.35)
  • The beef-less Lobster and Caviar "burger" made with whole lobster chunks, lobster salad made with a mustard mayonnaise, caviar, lettuce, tomato, and red onion (¥1280, about $16.35)
  • The Ocean Premium Salad made with whole lobster chunks and lobster salad, caviar, avocado, egg, cherry tomato, red onion, taramosalata, and a lettuce blend (¥1580, about $20.20)


I think the print on the cake is supposed to be burger-themed. Cute.

According to this press release [PDF; in Japanese], Wendy's is also releasing a new Mont Blanc-flavored roll cake (no lobster there; phew) and giving away 500 free tote bags to the first 500 customers at the new location. If you want a bag, get there by noon on August 17.

I used Google Translate to translate the press release, so if I got any details wrong or if you have more to add, please leave a comment. Thanks!

[via Brand Eating, Eater]

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