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Here's a somewhat burger-related thing appropriate for the end of Ice Cream Month: Ice Burger (アイスバーガー) by Morinaga, a burger-themed ice cream sandwich from Japan featuring a coffee ice cream patty topped with a layer of vanilla ice cream and crisp chocolate bits. As far as I can tell from various reviews, the bun is supposed to taste like a real hamburger bun, as opposed to something cake- or cookie-like (not that bread and ice cream is an unheard of combination; see gelato in brioche or ice cream in hot dog buns). The package suggests thawing the burger for three to five minutes so the bun can soften up.

Morinaga first introduced the Ice Burger in 1979, although a very different version of it made of ice cream sandwiched between sponge cake buns, all coated in a chocolate shell. Watch the commercial in the video above.

The current version of the Ice Burger came out last year. I'm not sure if it's still available, but it appeared in this Japanese snack review video from May, so maybe yes.

Have any AHT'ers tried it?


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