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While I've never been to Santa Fe or experienced the world-renowned Green Chile Cheeseburger at the Bobcat Bite, I have had roasted Hatch chilis* sent to me in the mail and have enjoyed a homegrown green chile cheeseburger on more than one occasion. It's a popular enough dish that it even made it onto our Burger Style Guide.

* Before anyone jumps on me for spelling, Serious Eats house-style is to spell both the dish and the vegetable as "chili" in all contexts, except when spelling it out in a different language or as part of an accepted dish, such as chile verde or Green Chile Cheeseburger. So the Bobcat Bite's Green Chile Cheeseburger is made with green chilis, got it?

If you want the classic, we have a recipe here, or you can even go for the turkey version.

But I'm a man who likes a bit of pickles in his burgers, not to mention a bit of creamy sauce. So I wondered what would happen if you took the green chile cheeseburger to the extreme by adding not one, not two, not three, but four distinct sources of chili heat, each different from the last.

And thus the Quadruple Chili Cheeseburger was born.** A fat patty of grilled beef draped with a melty, oozy slice of pepper jack cheese, topped with roasted green chilis (preferable Hatch, though poblanos or cubanelles will do just fine) and a handful of pickled jalapeños, served on a hearty bun with a generous swipe of chipotle mayonnaise.

** Note that as this is a new burger, I'm opting to switch to our standard "chili" spelling.

Convinced yet? Come get your Quadruple Chili Cheeseburgers this way! »

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