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Serious Eats member DavidPD recently posted the video above in Talk of a Ramly burger being made at USJ 4, a popular burger stand in Selangor, Malaysia. If you don't know what a Ramly burger is, DavidPD sums it up:

The bun is buttered then toasted atop the griddle, the burger, which is also griddled, and is where the really exciting part is, the cook cracks an egg, stirs it, places the patty in the middle of the egg, and then flips the "skirt" over so the whole thing envelops the patty. Fresh lettuce, onion seems to be the condiments, with what looks like Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, or maybe Hoisin sauce used in copious amounts. He also cooks something that might be sausage or a fish cake or a pork patty. Anyways, I have never seen anything like this, it looks so good. Perfect drunk food.


[Photograph: Daniel O'Sullivan]

If you want to read more about Ramly burgers, check out this Ramly burger review AHT reader Daniel O'Sullivan wrote us last year.

I'm still waiting for someone to make Ramly burgers in New York City like they would off the street in Malaysia. (That is, these "Romli Sliders" don't count. Also, more regularly than a Ramadan event.)

Here's a great video from Malaysian food website Fried Chillies about their five favorite street burgers in Malaysia, showing different cooking techniques (like stuffing a split patty with fried egg instead of wrapping it in egg, or saucing the patty before wrapping it in egg instead of on top of the egg) and sauce and condiment variations between different places. There's a neat egg-cooking technique at the 3:22 mark where the burger maker cracks a small hole in the shell, painting a ring of egg white on the griddle, then plopping the yolk in the center of the ring.

Some more videos for your Ramly burger-making pleasure:

Quadruple Ramly Burger

Septuple Ramly Burger

Butterflied Patties Galore

Anyone a fan of Ramly burgers?

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