Rice cookers can do more than cook rice*; they can cook rice topped with fries, a Big Mac, and chicken nuggets, flavored with ketchup and Coke Zero. That's the basic recipe for RocketNews24's McDonald's Miracle Steamed Rice/McMiracle Rice. While the rice cooks, it steams the fries, Big Mac, and nuggets on top, resulting in some sort of Big Mac donburi:



[Photographs: RocketNews24]


RocketNews24 acknowledges that it looks like a waste of a good McDonald's meal, but says it's "a damn good recipe." A few members at Metafilter tried it out and had a bit more to say:

"The house decision: not bad. Not great. Edible."
"I'd say this was... simultaneously good, and terrible."

If any of you AHT-ers are curious enough to try it, let us know how it goes.

[via Metafilter]

* We have a handful of rice cooker recipes on Serious Eats.

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