Leave it to the Japanese to turn hamburger-shaped gummy candies into something slightly more exciting. Meiji's Yatai Man's Hamburger Shop candy consists of separate bun, meat, lettuce, cheese, and sauce components. Break apart the bun wafers (mochi-based monaka), stack on the gummy meat (cola-flavored), cheese (pineapple-flavored), and lettuce (apple-flavored), and squeeze on the strawberry sauce for burger success!

Or...maybe success. Youtube user HikakinTV enthusiastically demonstrates how to make the candy and eats the results. How does it taste? "Mismatched taste!" he exclaims after making a series of unsatisfied facial expressions. Oh well. Having tried Meiji's DIY takoyaki candy, I'm not surprised

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About the author: Robyn Lee is the editor of A Hamburger Today and takes many of the photos for Serious Eats. She'll also doodle cute stuff when necessary. Read more from Robyn at her personal food blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything.


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