[Photograph: Linda Miller Nicholson]

Food blogger Linda Miller Nicholson of Salty Seattle spent the last year researching burgers—eating burgers from White Castle to Umami Burger and reading up on burger-making techniques from famous chefs—to come up with her Salty Seattle Burger, her take on Heston Blumenthal's labor-intensive burger recipe. She improves upon the recipe by adding potato to the bun, using cheddar and beer instead of Comté and sherry, making her own ketchup instead of Heston's tomato concentrate, cutting out wheels of lettuce and tomato to fit the burger perfectly, cooking the patties sous vide, and more. Her post goes into detail about the components and has her recipe (which is like five recipes combined) for the whole shebang. Awesome display of meticulous burgercraft, Linda!


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