If you need some extra cash, have lots of time, and don't mind waiting in a long line outside, you may be able to make a pretty penny by getting to the head of the notoriously long line at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park and charging people at the back of the line for ordering their meals. The Gloss's editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff and video intern Paige Polesnak tried it out—using one person as the "frontman" and another as the "crowd pleaser" who takes orders from people in the back willing to pay the "liberty tax"—and ended up making $43. Says Cardiff:

Basically, we went through the line asking people to name how much extra they'd pay to get their order in now as opposed to later. After they named their price, we revealed we had an inside man a few minutes away from ordering. We ended up making $43 in one afternoon thanks to the average of $5 per taker.

The Gloss went into the exercise asking, "What are people willing to pay on top of a Shack Burger to jump the line and do they have any moral misgivings about cheating?" Would you pay to jump the line? (Remember that there are four other Shake Shacks in Manhattan, probably with shorter lines.)


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