A Steak 'n Shake in Indianapolis. [Photograph: Nick Solares]

The first location of beloved (and AHT, Danny Meyer, and George Motz-approved) diner-style, smashed burger chain Steak 'n Shake is coming to New York City at 1695 Broadway (next to the Ed Sullivan Theater, home of Late Night with David Letterman; map), date TBD, announced Eater.

Considering its location in "the sixth layer of Midtown tourist hell," as Eater puts it, it seems likely to do well. In a city of so many great burgers, would you venture to Midtown for Steak 'n Shake?

Update: Reader Eric S. emailed us to say, "I would be willing to bet that this may have something to do with Letterman himself." He pointed out this part from Roger Ebert's post on his love for Steak n' Shake:

My Steak 'n Shake fetish is not unique. On an early visit to the Letterman Show, during a commercial break, I said to David:

"I hear you're from Indianapolis, home of the head office of Steak 'n Shake."

"In Sight, It Must be Right," he said. Our eyes locked in unspoken communion.

"Four Ways to Enjoy," I said.

"Car, table, counter, or TakHomaSak," he replied.

"Specializing in Selected Foods..."

"...with a Desire to Please the Most Discriminating."

"Thanks for Your Liberal Patronage..."

David didn't blink an eye or miss a beat. We had both obviously memorized the original menu. "...signed, A. H. (Gus) Belt, founder," he said, and we shared a nod of great satisfaction.


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