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Earlier this week the internet was ablaze with articles about what Michelle Obama ate for lunch on Monday. Why? Because it was a burger. ...Okay, it was a burger with fries, a chocolate shake, and a Diet Coke from Shake Shack in Washington, D.C. And it added up to 1,700 calories, although we don't know how much of it she ate. Since she's an advocate for the Let's Move campaign to promote healthy eating and exercise for kids, ordering such a meal more than raised some eyebrows. Some criticized her, some supported her, and most people probably asked, "Who cares?"

But we're a burger blog, so we have to care a little. Although the news is not all that new by now, for posterity's sake, here's what happened.

The story first came out at the Washington Post's "Politics and Policy" blog 44 on Monday afternoon. ABC News asked nutritionists for their opinions, most of whom thought "the first lady's lunch is being unnecessarily scrutinized." Seems like most of the Internet feels the same way—that it should be obvious that the occasional burger-centric meal won't bring down a mostly healthy lifestyle, nor should it ruin Obama's credibility (The Atlantic senior editor Ta-Nehisi Coates declared, "This is the dumbest story ever written in all of human history"). Polls sprung up asking "Does Michelle Obama's public affection for burgers make her a hypocrite?", Is it OK for Michelle Obama to eat a burger, fries and shake?, and Is Michelle Obama's high-calorie lunch the dumbest story ever?"

Last year in an interview with ABC News, Michelle Obama said, "I love burgers and fries, you know? And I love ice cream and cake. So do most kids. We're not talking about a lifestyle that excludes all that. That's the fun of being a kid. That's the fun of being a human." As someone who's gone on strict diets in the past for the sake of health, I'd agree with Obama. The occasional burger and fries (or basically, not cutting out every bit of junk food) has kept me much more sane.

Also, she went to Shake Shack. That's not just any burger, you know.


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