[Photograph: Erin Zimmer]

McDonald's condiment options don't include foie gras mayo (big shocker) but at Tapaç24, the small plates hotspot in Barcelona, they pay homage to the fast-food chain in the form of this little burger. The beef patty comes medium-rare, almost tartare-rare in the very center, on a thin, crisp bun. Nothing else on the burger, just that little black dish of creamy foie on the side waiting to be spooned up.

As my Kindergarten teacher Ms. Wookey said, a little dab will do ya (in that context she was referring to Elmer's glue). The consistency and color are actually pretty similar to Grey Poupon, but mustard it sure ain't. Soft, almost like slightly melted ice cream texture, the foie-mayo runs a bit when it touches the meat.

Even with a thin swipe on top, you can appreciate the rich, savory-yet-sweet, delicate duck-livery goodness but it actually doesn't overwhelm the whole burger. You can still taste the beef and the thin, toasty bread. Instead of having it in a big, overwhelming hunk, this foie gras medium is a little more gentle, a little less whoa-that's-foie, but still ooh-that's-foie.

After finishing the "fwahger" (a natural nickname), if you have any of the garnish left, it's great as a dipping sauce for just about any other tapas sitting on the table: the jamon croquettes, the pa amb tomàquet, the patatas bravas..


Diputació 269, Barcelona Espana (map); 93-488-09-77


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