This post is from my trip to South Korea back in May 2009. I didn't put it up at the time because it was far from being a significant part of my trip and after I wrote it, I realized it was sort of...totally...pointless. But I'm resurrecting this two-year-old post from the land of forgotten drafts due to this week's topic of our favorite food souvenirs to "smuggle" home.


I was shopping with Rachel Yang at a supermarket near the Jongno 3-ga Station when she pointed out this pre-packaged burger sitting on an unrefrigerated rack.

"It's just...sitting out here? That's weird," I said.

"You should bring one back home and try it," she suggested. She looked over the package. "It says it won't expire for a few days."

"Something tells me it won't look like the picture on the package. But okay."

Considering it was only ₩1000 ($0.80 back in 2009, now $0.90), I didn't have much to lose. Except my health. But these are the things I do when I want content for AHT.

I shoved it in my luggage along with other random foodstuffs (snacks, candy, boxed soju), brought it to work, and hesitantly unwrapped the burger within.


For anyone who can read Korean, here's the back of the package. I think I'm better off not knowing what I ate.


The hamburger held up surprisingly well despite probably having been squished in multiple ways during its journey between Seoul and New York City. The messiest part was that the ketchup splodged out and saturated one side of the burger.


The cross-section revealed a few millimeters of light brown/gray meat (or something that was once part of an animal), a layer of ketchup, and a ham-ified tartar sauce of mayonnaise mixed with chopped pickles, onions, and ham bits, all in a soft white bread bun.

After zapping the burger in the microwave, I cut out a chunk and put it in my mouth. Chewed. Swallowed, even. It tasted like a tartar sauce and ketchup sandwich (mm, condiment sandwich!) with some kind of protein mass in the middle. They could've used wheat gluten; it probably wouldn't have tasted that different.

And now I can cross "Find out what a pre-packaged burger for ₩1000 tastes like" off my list of "Things to do before I die."


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