Mm, delicious Costco beef. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Slice, our Serious Eats sister site dedicated to pizza, has a regular column called "My Pie Monday" where Slice readers submit photos of their homemade pies to be featured on the site. We've been remiss in not doing the same on AHT with burgers, so in honor of National Burger Month, we're holding "My Burger May" (...alternative name suggestions are welcome!). If you'd like to share your homemade burger with the rest of the AHT community, please send us the following at burger@seriouseats.com:

  • A photo of your burger that's at least 600 pixels wide. (Need photography help? Check out our food photography guide.)
  • A description of your burger—the toppings, how it was cooked, a link to a recipe/your blog, etc. It doesn't have to be anything long (but if you have an epic burger story to tell, don't feel like you have to hold back).
  • How you want to be identified on AHT—real name, initials, screen name, pictogram, whatever you prefer.

We'll round up the burgers at the end of the month (or before then, depending on how many submissions we get). Thank you for your help!

Never Made a Burger Before?

If you've never made a burger before, start learning now! Here are some tips from The Burger Lab:

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