[Photograph: mcdonalds.co.jp]

McDonald's in Japan has recently re-released the Mega Teriyaki Burger, a Big Mac-esque burger first released in 2007 whose patties are seasoned with teriyaki sauce. But the patties aren't regular beef patties; they're sausage patties, according to this review from The Adventures of Fatrick, who recommends that only teriyaki-lovers try this burger since "No other flavor manages to wriggle out of this doused mess." See more photos at gigazine.net.


[Photograph: mos.co.jp]

Eataku points out that the Mega Teriyaki comes on the heels of MOS Burger's limited time release of their Umakara Teriyaki Burger, a revamped version of their famous teriyaki burger seasoned with spicy Korean gochujang, black pepper, and garlic.


[Photograph: mos.co.jp]

Also from MOS Burger is their new B.L.T. for 490 yen ($6) featuring natural (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers) domestic bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, with or without cheese. You can also just get an L.T. for 430 yen ($5.30), but then you'd be missing out on the most appealing part of having a super long slab of bacon hang out of your burger. Once again, gigazine.net has a review with more photos.

[via Eataku]


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