From the people who brought you the Windows 7 Whopper and the BK Party Set comes the All Heavy Whopper and the Meat Monster Whopper. As part of their "Have It Your Way" promotion*, Burger King in Japan recently unveiled the All Heavy topped with one and a half times the amount of toppings of a regular Whopper for the price of a regular Whopper, ¥420 ($4.96), and the more excessive Meat Monster topped with two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, an extra 3.3-ounce beef patty, and a Tendergrill Chicken patty for ¥820 ($9.70).


The Consumerist laments that this burger is only available in Japan, but as one of their commenters pointed out, you can also "have it your way" in the US—by using their online meal builder you can make something close to the Meat Monster. My attempt came out for a total of 1,310 calories with an undetermined price.

But why stop at the Meat Monster? Why not get a Whopper topped with...everything?


What you look at all those oranges and browns. 3,420 calories' worth.

Has anyone tried to order something crazy at Burger King before? Should we spent precious Serious Eats funds to try it?

[via Burger Business]

* The promotion goes a little something like this: From April 4 to April 17, they're giving all customers a coupon that reduces the cost of a medium Whopper set from ¥750 to ¥640. The coupon is redeemable from April 4 to April 24 and can be used for up to three people (cannot be combined with any other coupon).

From April 18 to May 15, every guest will receive a stamp card, redeemable from April 18 to July 31. Each Whopper or Whopper Jr. gets one stamp., When you get three stamps you can redeem the card for a medium sized drink; when you get five stamps you can redeem it for an iPhone 4 case (they come in three styles), a Whopper, or Whopper Jr.

Thanks to Christine Tsai for the translation!

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