Our version above; the Japanese version below. [Photographs: Robyn Lee, except Japanese burger from burgerkingjapan.co.jp]

20110418-bk-meat-monster-press.jpgBurger King Japan's new Meat Monster Whopper topped with two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, an extra 3.3-ounce beef patty, and a Tendergrill Chicken patty has been gaining lots of attention this month for its excessive meatiness, but you can order a similar burger stateside if you just ask for the extra toppings on a regular Whopper—your cashier will just be more confused than one in Japan. On the heels of Short Order, DudeFoods.com, and probably other blogs (let us know if you're one of them), we got one made at our local Burger King in New York City at 255 West 34th Street.



The burger weighed in at about 1 pound, 1 ounce. We were charged $8.48: $5.29 for a Double Whopper with Cheese, $0.50 for "4 bacon," as listed on the receipt (there were only three strips on the burger though, as we asked; maybe they have to charge for four), and $2 for a Tendergrill patty. That's a bit less than the price of the Meat Whopper in Japan, ¥820, about $9.70.

How does it taste? Like a whole lot of fake-smokey tasting protein. Any chance that Burger King tastes better in Japan?

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