[Photograph: The Tampa Tribune]

Visitors of this month's Florida State Fair taking place from February 11 to 21 will have the chance to try ice cream-topped burgers, along with concessionaires Cheryl and Dennis Reas's other burger hybrids, the French Toast Burger, the Pancake Burger, and the Garbage Burger. Here's a description of the ice cream burger from Jeff Houck of The Tampa Tribune:

This bad boy starts with a regular burger. No worries there. But nestled under the toasted bun and perched atop the pickle, lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese toppings is a slab of ice cream coated in cinnamon and cornflakes that has taken a dip in the deep fryer for 10 to 15 seconds.

Cheryl Reas points out its similarity to the classic pairing of burgers with milkshakes: "You take a bite of burger and drink a bit of milkshake. It tastes just like that."

Houck put up photos of the other burgers at The Tampa Tribune blog The Stew.

So...um...anyone going to the Florida State Fair?


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