Here are some reader recommendations we received in the AHT inbox over the past few months. Unfortunately, we can't review every good burger in country—too much area, not enough stomachs—but we'll try to cover as much as we can! Send your recs to And if you ever want to submit a review, here's how.


Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersI have a tip for your Houston-based AHT reviewer (If you guys ever hired one). Love Shack Cypress just opened up on the outskirts of NW Houston. It's the brainchild of Joe Duong, whose King Bubba burger at Rockwell was declared one of the best burgers in Houston by Robb Walsh. They serve fries tossed with garlic and bacon, and they have a Texan fattymelt called "The Bad Decision." Here's probably their first blog review: —Jack R.

Noticed you don't have any reviews of places in Houston, Texas (apart from a brief mention of Reef), but you have to review The Burger Guys. Not only are their burgers the best I've ever had, but their fries are fried in...DUCK FAT. fat. —Billy C


Do this and I promise you will love it. The burger at Japonais on 18th Street in NYC. Best burger around. —Mark O.

Portland, OR

Best restaurant burger I know of: Stanich's. —Eric H.

Piscataway, NJ

Great new place in Piscataway called Orange Smoke Burgers...great burgers, awesome sauce, great toppings, and the best bun ever. —JC

Royal Oak, MI

You guys should do a review of Red Coat Tavern. Fantastic premium burger in the Royal Oak area. —John M


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