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Last year's Big America burger series at McDonald's in Japan was so popular that they're doing it again this year. Starting today, the Big American 2 series debuted with the Texas 2 burger. Here's some info about what's in the four burgers to be rolled out over the year:

  • Texas 2 (645 kcal, available 1/7): Top bun sprinkled with grated cheese, chili beans, onions, bacon, middle bun, beef patty, American cheese, and whole grain mustard
  • Idaho (713 kcal, available late January): Onion bun, whole grain mustard sauce, onions, bacon, hash brown, beef patty, cheese, rich pepper sauce
  • Miami (557 kcal, available mid-February): Taco-seasoned ground beef, tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, cheese, beef patty, spicy tomato chili sauce
  • Manhattan (542 kcal, available mid-March): Mozzarella, onions, lettuce, sliced pastrami, beef patty, sour cream sauce

All the burgers will use a 4-ounce beef patty and cost ¥400 to ¥420 (about $4.80 to $5.05). They'll be sold starting at 10:30 a.m. at Asa-mac McDonald's (locations that serve breakfast). The burgers won't be available at McDonald's in Ooita and Kumamoto prefectures.

Japanese website Gigazine has a review of the Texas 2 burger (English translation from Google).

Many thanks to hmw0029 for the translations!


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