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We knew this day would come. A major chain has finally taken the nation's bacon and burger obsessions and blended them. IHOP recently introduced Bacon 'N Beef Burgers, a line of burgers with bacon blended right into the patty. As they describe it, "Hickory-smoked bacon is blended right into the beef to make our burgers juicy and delicious with bacon flavor in every bite."

While IHOP did manage to trademark the name "Bacon 'N Beef" it isn't an innovator with respect to the bacon and beef blend. Slater's 50/50 in Anaheim is known for their signature burger built on the bacon and beef blend. I didn't find it of much interest as a burger, but did expect that it would make its way to the chain restaurant scene soon enough. Enter IHOP's Bacon 'N Beef Burgers.


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There are five versions of Bacon 'N Beef Burgers to choose from, but I decided to take a closer look at the very first entry on the list: the Bacon 'N Beef Cheeseburger ($7.99 with fries).


The real thing compared favorably with the beauty shots. In fact, when it arrived I was downright excited to dig into such a beautiful burger. The flavor, unfortunately, didn't live up to the looks. It was a wan, overcooked patty with a bready bun and just acceptable toppings. I was surprised to find that the bacon flavor wasn't dominant, but despite the balance I was underwhelmed by this burger.

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