[Image: Mail Online]

Foie gras-enhanced burgers isn't a new idea for high end restaurants, but you certainly wouldn't find a foie gras burger in a fast food restaurant...

Nevermind; now you can. Or soon you'll be able to, if you're in France. Next month from December 17 to 19 (yup, just three days) Belgian and French burger chain Quick will be serving a "Supreme Foie Gras Burger" for €5 ($6.60), or €7.50 with fries and a soft drink, at its 360 locations in France, reports Mail Online. The burger features a beef patty topped with pieces of foie gras, onion relish, and arugula. [via Slashfood]

(If anyone in France is interested in doing a Reality Check for us when the time comes, please let us know. Merci!)


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