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I'm not sure I've ever eaten Cheez Whiz, but looks like it may be time for me to eat it. In a burger. And on a burger. Would this ad lie? Neverrrr.

It's Kraft's Cheez Whiz—inside as well as topside—that makes this burger so terrific. Here's how:

Gently, with a fork, combine 1/3 cup of golden Cheez Whiz and 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 1 pound of ground beef.

Form into 4 patties and broil on both sides. (Notice how beautifully they brown. Cheez Whiz is the secret!) Place piping hot burger on pickle slices on bottom half of toasted bun spread with Kraft Mayonnaise—top with a big spoonful of tantalizing Cheez Whiz that'll start to melt as it touches the hot meat. Serve quick and enjoy the best burger in the whole universe! The meat is juicier and tastier. And what cheese flavor! You just can't beat the Whiz-burger!

[via @BKGirlsCooking]


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