Note: This post took place over a month ago, but since it got lost in the shuffle of other burger posts we're bringing it to you now. Better late than never, right? We thank our summer intern Lingbo for going where no intern has gone before: Pop Tart burger buns.


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

After the office gawked and gagged over various Pop Tarts creations from the Pop Tart Cafe in Times Square, I wondered if I could do better.

When an editor joked about a Pop Tart burger, I knew I had to rise to the challenge. Unfortunately, the sandwich-shaped items available at the cafe were more miss than hit. Even the ice cream sandwich seemed hindered by the thick, cardboard-y Pop Tarts that hugged it rapidly melting filling.

Placing chocolate cake with red, green, and yellow frosting seemed like a copout. So that left me with one choice: Pop Tarts as bona fide burger buns. How bad could it be?


Wattup, Pop Tart Big Mac?

I hopped by McDonald's and bought a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder. Doing Big Mac transplant surgery turned out to be painful, since the third Pop Tart bun got crushed in transport. But the Pop Tart Quarter Pounder burger fared better.

The golden arches had just gotten frosted.


Pop Tart cheeseburger innards.

An editor and I both had a bite. It actually wasn't that bad—nothing that I'd seek out again, but actually pretty edible. Sure, the pastries were crumbly, but the brown sugar filling wasn't...that bad.

Sad to say, it was actually better than most of the Pop Tart Cafe's offerings. I'm not sure if that says more about the surprising deliciousness of my creation or the inedible nature of Pop Tarts sushi.

Maybe both.


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