Gruner's burger. Does look pretty darn juicy. [Flickr: extramsg]

When Robyn and I went to Portland, Oregon, in July, we ate burgers at Le Pigeon. Two things you should know: the restaurant only serves five a night, and it's the juiciest burger, possibly ever. As in, we needed a lifeguard in our mouths it was so juicy. My friend and Portland native Brian (@iambpk) joined us, but alleges he ate an even juicier burger recently at Grüner in Portland. Could a juicier burger exist? Color me skeptical.

Rather than rephrase the Gchat we had, I'll just copy and paste it:

brian: had a burger that rivaled pigeon last night......in juiceiness
me: oh stop it
brian: i will not!
brian: haha gruner grunerpdx.com
this burger was nutso......fontina, aioli, on a sturdier bun, and i think it was kaiser? but the burger apparently is like 30% fat (yesssss) and it was super juicy and i think i might take it over pigeon because pigeon feels like it should be a once a year thing
me: ok this may need to be published on AHT
brian: hahaha yea AHT would LOVE this burger i think......too bad my stupid camera phone is brokes
me: ooh just found a photo, looks so glisteny. whoa, a PDX burger sans slaw! [Ed. note: Portland seemed pretty slaw-obsessed, based on our three days of eating there. The burger at Le Pigeon, for example, was covered in a slaw pile.]
brian: hahaha i know can you believe it? and it wasnt overpowered with horseradish nor mustard, just a smooth and pleasant aioli. i'm trying to remember the ruffage, it was light, not aroogs, but....maybe just shred lettuce?

Has anyone tried the burger at Grüner? Can you verify the levels of extreme juiciness?


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