Thumbs Up for Cream Cheese and Onion-Topped Burgers at Rub BBQ



[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Last night I tried the Monday night special Bagel Burger at Rub BBQ topped with raw paper-thin slices of red onion on a caper dill cream cheese-smeared toasted bagel. I skipped the optional house smoked lox, thinking I didn't want to go too over-the-top, but on retrospect I should've gone for it. The opportunity to try smoked salmon on a beef patty doesn't come very often. I won't make that mistake again.


It was great without the lox, though. The medium-cooked patty was plenty juicy and bursting with charred beefiness, but it was even better with cream cheese melting into every meaty crevice. The super thin red onions gave a hint of crunch and mild pungency, highly enjoyable at the time of face stuff-age, less enjoyable when my mouth tasted like it was seeping red onions for the rest of the night—but that's the risk I take whenever I eat raw onions.

The only downside was the bagel bun. On its own it tasted fine, but it was unsurprisingly too chewy for the meat, resulting in backslide and constant readjustment of the patty. Of course, it was just a one-time thing to complete the bagel sandwich experience and certainly worth the try.

My dining companion Z of Australia-based burger blog Burger Adventure and of Polish background noted that the caper and dill cream cheese reminded him of Polish salads. In a good way! He gave the burger the thumbs up as well.


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