This recent ad from McDonald's in France for their "Come as you are" ("Venez comme vous êtes") campaign has gotten a lot of people talking over the past week. (There's also a good post about the commercial at French website Yagg, if you can read French—it probably loses something in the automatic English translation.)

The story: a young man sits at a table in McDonald's while talking on the phone with his classmate/sweetheart and looking at their class photo. He gets off the phone when his dad comes over with their order. After seeing his son's class photo, the dad talks about how he was a ladies' man when he was his son's age—and says it's unfortunate that his son is in an all-boys school. Understandably, the ad has received mixed reviews. Watch the ad after the jump and let us know what you think.

McDonald's France Gay-Themed Ad

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