Note: Eric B. Lee took one for the team by trying Friendly's new Grilled Cheese Burgermelt. Today he brings us his report with not-so-optimal results.


[Photograph: Eric B. Lee]

My name is Eric and earlier today I tried Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burgermelt that Robyn posted about around two weeks ago. Anyways, along with iffy Blackberry camera quality photos, I've come to tell you about my experience!

So what you get is a cooked frozen patty cooked well done along some shredded lettuce, a small slice of tomato, and a giant glob of mayo all between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

The frozen patty that they use was overcooked and dry (obviously, but what can you expect from a burger always cooked well done) and it was hard and compacted; all in all it reminded me of a hockey puck made of sawdust (not that I've tried that before). The lettuce was as out of place as the mayo and detracted from the overall burgermelt, and I would have like a bit more tomato. I'm not a ketchup-on-burger kind of guy, but I reserve the right to squeeze a little on whenever I encounter a frozen patty burger (I tried the first half sans-ketchup and the second half with).

The grilled cheeses were deliciously buttery and cheesy.

Right now there's a promo so it's 5 bucks (it's normally like 9 bucks), but I'd say save your taste buds the pain and stick with ice cream if you go to Friendly's.

Just my two cents.

- Eric


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