[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

When I told people on Monday that I was going to try the special Nut Burger ($7.50) at Rub BBQ (as part of their Monday-only burger nights), I was unsurprisingly met with some quizzical responses. Peanuts and mayonnaise on a burger? Euh?

Actually, when I got to the restaurant I found out it was peanuts and Miracle Whip. Close enough.

This version was not quite the beauty shot by George Motz at the birthplace of the Nut Burger, Matt's Place Drive-In in Butte, Montana, but you can't always judge a hamburger by its lumpy, pasty covering. I liked this burger—the peanuts added crunch in every bite, and the Miracle Whip added some tanginess and, more importantly perhaps, held the peanuts in place. To me the peanuts provided more texture than flavor, but that might be because the patty at Rub BBQ is already so flavorful.


The patties at Rub burst with beefy salty goodness, and despite being among the thinnest patties I've ever had, they're quite juicy. The only thing I didn't like about this burger was that the bottom bun disintegrated a bit from the fat/juice of the patty and attached itself to the meat like a wet paper tower, but it wasn't a big deal. Otherwise, the well toasted bun is awesome. Adam and Ed named Rub's burger their favorite of 2009 for a good reason.


208 West 23rd Street, New York NY 10011 (near Seventh Avenue; map)
212-524-4300; rubbbq.net


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