[Photograph: Jack in the Box]

My first association of Jack in the Box is with the big E. coli tragedy from 1993 that resulted in hundreds getting sick and four kids dying. The chain seems to have put that behind them with a major ad-driven makeover. The wry, white-globe-headed Jack is all over the airwaves (at least here in Los Angeles) such that I rarely go through a few days without seeing or hearing him. When I decided to do a Reality Check on one of Jack's burgers, I chose their Jumbo Jack with cheese to get a look at one of the longest standing burger options. Take a look at the real thing after the jump.



[Photographs: Damon Gambuto]

As you can see, my Jumbo Jack with cheese didn't quite measure up to their advertisement.

I think Jack in the Box offers marginally cheaper prices than some of the other chains, so there's that, but what about the flavor? Well, let's just say I didn't make it past one bite and that one bite didn't make it to my stomach. It was a special mix of sliminess and that fast food alchemy that turns food into food-like substances.


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