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Calling all burgerheads: we want you to tell us more about your favorite burger joints! Although we've been lucky to get some great reviews from AHT-ers in the past, we suspect there are people who want to submit reviews to A Hamburger Today but don't know where to start. To help you out, we made a made a form that outlines the information we look for in a review. You can view it below, after the jump, or click here for the Google Doc.

You can browse our reviews to get an idea of what we're looking for. Reviews should be 100 to 500 words long. If you've never described a burger beyond, "It's really good," some things to keep in mind are:

  • Bun type, and toasted/untoasted
  • Patty weight
  • Beef-to-bun ratio
  • Cooking method
  • Whether cooked to preference
  • Patty juiciness / crustiness
  • Seasoning level
  • Quality of toppings
  • Sides
  • Price performance

As photos help get the salivary glands going, we require at least one photo of the burger being reviewed. It doesn't hurt to have more, whether that includes photos of the burger's cross-section, side dishes, or exterior/interior shots of the restaurant. Email us your original photos (at least 500 pixels wide) to and we'll do the rest. If you want to edit your own photos, the final size should be 500 pixels wide

All submissions are subject to review and there's no guarantee it'll be published, but as long as you're not a shill, you should be fine. If you want any pointers, feel free to ask!

Of course, you can still email us with simple burger recommendations instead of writing more involved reviews.

If the form does not appear embedded on the page, click here to submit your burger review to AHT ยป

Note: "Reviews" by restaurants about their own burgers will not be considered. This probably sounds obvious, but I only mention it because it's happened before.

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