• Openings: Portland: Check out the menu for the newly opened Foster Burger. Includes beef, lamb, 'shroom, and fish. [PDX Food Press]
  • Montreal > Pub Next Door & Copoli 2 & Copoli 1: The focus of this week's episode of Montreal Burger Report.
  • NYC > Donovan's Pub: "This burger is the kind of no frills, old-school, pub-style burger made from quality meat that makes the style famous." [Burger Conquest]
  • NYC > Bonnie's Grill: The burger patty is coated in a chili spice rub before being grilled. [Burger Club NY]
  • Philadelphia > Coming Soon: New burgers coming to Q BBQ. [City Paper]
  • California > Best Burgers in the Valley: A few suggestions. [LAist]
  • Burger King's Shower Babe Is Gone: That was quick. [So Good]
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