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Our last burger gift guide was two years ago! Oops. If you've exhausted the suggestions in the first guide, here are some more items for that special burger-loving someone, whether that someone wants to make burgers, wear them, read about them, or just have a more burger-themed life.

For the Burger Maker

20091211-burgergifts-castiron.jpgCast Iron Skillet / Griddle: If you don't already have cast iron cookware in your kitchen, you should get at least one. It'll do way more than just give your burger a good sear. Lodge 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet, available online at, $33.95; Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle/Grill available online at, $48.95

20091211-burgergifts-saltbox.jpgSalt Cellar and Pepper Mill: Don't forget to season your meat. Our Burger Lab correspondent Kenji says he keeps a salt cellar and pepper mill next to his stove; just make sure to salt right before cooking the meat. Salt Server available online at, $17.95; Peugeot Pepper Mill available online at Cutlery and More, $24.95

20091211-burgergifts-bottle.jpgHomemade Shack Sauce: It'd be weird to just give someone a bottle of Thousand Island dressing to go on their burgers, but if it's homemade burger sauce, it's from the heart. Try Kenji's recipe for Shack sauce, and put it in a squeeze bottle for easy application. 16-ounce Squeeze Bottle available online at, $1.28

20091211-burgergifts-paintscraper.jpgPaint Scraper: "If you don't shop at Home Depot for your griddle tools, you're just not in the game." In this Shake Shack burger tutorial, a paint scraper is used to get all the crunchy caramelized goodness off the griddle. Available at hardware stores; Warner 790 Tool 4-Inch Strip and Clean Scrape available online at, $19.16

20091211-burgergifts-potatorolls.jpgMartin's Famous Sandwich Potato Rolls: Soft and squishy Martin's potato rolls may be the perfect burger buns (yup, Shake Shack uses them). If you can't find them at your local grocery store, you can buy them online and freeze them. Available online at Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, $19.14 per case (48 rolls)

20091211-burgergifts-fakeshack.jpgFake Shack Kit: Did you sense a theme here? If you can't go to Shake Shack, make the Fake Shack! Choose from the above items (and perhaps this heavy duty spatula mentioned in our previous gift guide), and, depending on how many burgers you want to make, add beef (sirloin, brisket, short rib) and American cheese.

20091211-burgergifts-plates.jpgBurger Party Plates: If you want something disposable to eat on after making all those burgers. Available online at, $18.33 / 32 plates

Burger Apparel

20091211-burgergifts-burgergram.jpgBurgergram T-Shirt: Wear 150 tiny pastel burgers on your chest! Available online at Hamburger Disco, $22 (also in women's sizes)

20091211-burgergifts-fastfoodshirt.jpgFast Food T-Shirt: If fast food could run, it might look like these guys. Available online at Threadless, $12

20091211-burgergifts-nestpas.jpgCeci N'est Pas Une Hamburger: It's not a hamburger. It's just a picture of a hamburger. Available online at Cotton Factory, $15.99

Burger Books

20091211-burgergifts-hamburgeramerica.jpgHamburger America: There's no better book to introduce you to the glories of burgers across America. Let George Motz show you the way. It also comes with a DVD of his documentary with the same name. You can read some reviews from the book on AHT, but it's more fun in physical form. Available online at, $13.57

20091211-burgergifts-innoutbook.jpgIn-N-Out Burger: A Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain That Breaks All the Rules: Learn about the story behind the beloved burger chain in this book by Stacy Perman. Preferably while eating an In-N-Out burger. Available online at, $16.49

20091211-burgergifts-bobbyflaybook.jpgBobby Flay's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes: Bobby Flay says his favorite meal is a cheeseburger with fries and a shake—it's only natural he would write a cookbook dedicated to all of the above. You can check out some recipes from the book on Serious Eats. Available at, $17.13

Burger Flair

20091211-burgergifts-magiccheez.jpgMagic Cheezburger: Like a Magic 8 Ball, but cooler because it's shaped like a cheeseburger and the answers are written in LOLspeak. Available online at, $14.99

20091211-burgergifts-wallet.jpgToddland Burger Wallet: Carry your money in style with this cheeseburger-themed wallet. Unfortunately, there is no coin pocket, if that's a deal breaker for you. Available online at Fred Flare, $25

20091211-burgergifts-bigburger.jpgGreat Big Hamburger: You can put it on display. You can sit on it. You can raise it over your head. A 15-inch tall resin burger is sure to be a conversation starter. Potential reaction: "Why did you get that?" Available online at Great Big Stuff, $74.77

20091211-burgergifts-charm.jpgCheeseburger Cell Phone Charm: I have one of these on the zipper pull of my messenger bag, and it's held up pretty well to the rigors of daily zipper pull use. Available online at Strapya World, $2.40

20091211-burgergifts-coasters.jpgWhataburger Coasters: These bright coasters are modeled after Whataburger's sandwich stickers. I'll take "no tomato." Available online at Whataburger, $14 / 10 coasters

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