Shake Shack iPhone App: Free and Useful


This is good to know. Just got an email from software developer Josh Halickman:

Loving hamburgers and living in New York City means that I end up in line at Shake Shack on a regular basis, as I am sure you do as well. I would regularly be walking home passing Shake Shack by just a few blocks thinking to myself, "I wonder what the line is like," or "What's today's custard flavor?" The problem is that Shake Shack's website is all Flash, and there was no way to check that on my iPhone. What is a lazy, burger-loving software developer to do? Write an iPhone app, of course.


20091116-ss-iphone-03.jpgSo you can now basically watch yourself in line from the line if you're in Madison Square Park.

Actually, it's pretty handy if you're a Shack fan planning a Shack attack, for all the reasons Halickman gives. The app grabs the Madison Square Park Shack Cam feed, updating the image every six seconds so you can judge whether its worth your while if you're a few blocks away.

On top of that, it lists the menus for the MSP, UWS, and Shea Stadium locations — the handiest menu being the monthly custard menu.

It also pulls in the @shakeshack Twitter feed, which in turn is an account that automatically retweets anything with "@shakeshack" in a user's twit.

Is it earthshattering? No. But it's free and useful to the burgerheads among us. Get it on the web at the iTunes App Store or just use the App Store app on your iPhone to grab it. It's free.

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