Taste Test: Sasebo Burger Drops, Japanese Burger-Flavored Candy


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

The only reason I can imagine buying burger-flavored candy is if you manage burger website and want something to write about. Because it's almost guaranteed that a burger-flavored candy is going to disappoint both a burger craving and a candy craving.

So the Serious Eats office tried the Sasebo Burger Drops from Jbox ($3.95). If the nonexistent comments on our last post about this candy are any indication, no one else has been willing to try this candy. Here are the results of our taste test, after the jump.


Adam: Tastes like a charbroiled cheese from 7-11.

Erin: Taste like burger chemicals.

Carey: [bleeuhhhaargrh] It taste like the burgers they served in my elementary school; fakey burger taste, doesn't taste like meat.

Alaina: Taste like bad fast food burger.

Me: It's a mix of sweet and smoky-savory-meat essence that does not exist in nature. Euh. Eeeeuuh.

In conclusion: DO NOT WANT, unless you like the flavor of a really crappy burger. Try other savory candies at your own risk.

Thank you to my coworkers for helping me with the taste test. My apologies for not having mints to offer afterward.

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