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The cheese-stuffed burger from Good Dog

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersIn mid-August wife and I will be going to a friend's wedding in Philadelphia. Though I realize that Philly is the home of the cheesesteak I was wondering if AHT and/or the readership might offer some burger recommendations, as I'd like to partake of the best burgers that Philly has to offer. Any suggestions will be most welcomed.

--Herbert N.

I've actually wondered the same thing as Herbert, as I visit Philadelphia about once every other month. So far I've tried Good Dog, Monk's, and Royal Tavern (as did Nick Solares) with less than stellar results. Not to say that any of them were bad; just that none was one I would heartily recommend to someone visiting Philadelphia.

After the jump, potential sources of burger bliss.

Some burger-happy Philadelphia food blogs I'd turn to for burger recs are Fries With That Shake and Unbreaded. Ben Kessler of Unbreaded recommended Pub & Kitchen to us a while back. Fries With That Shake has a master burger list for their Burger Club Philly group with input from other Philadelphians. There are also more recent recommendations from AHT readers on Nick's Royal Tavern review, the most prominent one being Standard Tap, and others including Silk City Diner, Rouge, and Rembrandt's.

The best deal at the moment seems to be the weekday lunch burger deal from Butcher & Singer. Some recently opened burger joints in Philadelphia are PYT and Squareburger.

Something to keep in mind: AHT reader EazyB commented that Philadelphians tend to go for gourmet pub-style burgers over California-style. My preference for the latter might prevent me from finding a favorite burger in Philadelphia, but I'll keep looking.

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