In an interview with Grub Street, Momofuku's executive chef Tien Ho revealed that their upcoming restaurant connected to Chambers Hotel in Midtown will serve burgers—as part of the room service menu, at least:

One of the things we need to do for the room service is hamburgers, but I doubt that I'll do a burger for the dining room. Everybody’s on this whole La Frieda craze, and we buy a lot from them at Ssäm, but I'm working with DeBragga on a burger blend for the hotel. My vision is more toward grass-fed Angus variety. As far as the burger style, I’m from Texas, so I want to keep it traditional.

No burger in the dining room? That will hopefully be one awesome room service burger.

According to The New York Times, room service may begin in September, but the restaurant won't be open until late fall.


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