Note: This week we're grilling Jason Beckerman of New York City's Burger of the Month, where he along with the group's six other members have ranked over 45 burgers in the city since 2005.

20090612-jasonportrait.jpgName: Jason Beckerman
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Lawyer

How often do you eat burgers? At least a few times a week. The number has greatly increased lately.

Where did you eat your most recent one? Trailer Park in NYC. Enjoyed an awesome lunch with the folks from A Hamburger Today and The Great Burger Conquest. This place was a real unique experience. [Editor's note: You can read about the meal at The Great Burger Conquest.]

Cheese: American, cheddar, other? If it melts, it can go on my burger. Could not be less picky about cheese. Even alright with those that don't melt, like blue cheese, gorgonzola, etc....

Ketchup or mustard? Enjoy ketchup, but prefer a good barbecue sauce, or even Thousand Island. Can't go wrong with ketchup though. Every once in a blue moon I will get the urge to mix ketchup and mustard. Not sure what makes me do that, but usually happy I did.

Sesame-seed or plain? Sesame aeed. Also, love a toasted bun; it adds a great crunch.

Grilled, griddled, or broiled? Broiled. Nice and charred on the outside, but juicy and soft in the middle.

And how would you like that done, sir? Medium well. Dark throughout, but just a bit of pink in the middle.

Would you do us the favor of describing your perfect burger? The perfect burger is 7-8 ounces on a toasted sesame seed bun, char-broiled medium- well, with Swiss, bacon, onion, lettuce, barbecue sauce and Thousand Island dressing. Maybe even a little chili on top.

What's your favorite fast-food burger? Used to love the Big Mac; could not get enough. But, about 13 years ago, I stopped eating fast food burgers. Even for a diet like mine, it was just too much.

What topping or condiment, in your opinion, should never grace a burger? I am not a huge fan of pickles on the burger, and I do not like tomato.

What's the most unusual burger you've ever eaten? At our tailgates for the Jets games, we make our own special cardiac killer burgers. We make two bacon grill cheese sandwiches, which are toasted and pressed down in butter. These two sandwiches become the bun. We then put the burger in the middle of the sandwiches, top it with cheese, more bacon, and chili. It is to die for—and may yet kill us. Of course, we save all the bacon grease and fry things in it, like chicken fingers and Devil Dogs.

What's the most overrated burger you've tried? Most underrated? Most overrated is Corner Bistro. Totally overhyped. Most underrated was Lure Fish Bar. Awesome burger.

For some crazy reason, you're going vegetarian. Where do you go for your final burger? City Hall—then just kill me. I would rather be dead than give up meat.


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