Buffalo burgers seem to be a substitute for one burger lover suffering from an allergy to beef. But is there a tastier solution? Photograph from mandj98 on Flickr

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersDear AHT,
A great burger is my absolute favorite food in the world. About 20 years ago in my early twenties, I developed an allergy to beef. So whenever I ate beef, I would break out in severe hives and swell up like a blowfish. I would test his allergy regularly and ended up surviving on benadryl tablets as dessert until the allergic reactions stopped completely after about a year.

Suddenly about 8 months ago, I began having the same allergic reaction to beef. How ironic! I will still partake simply by sneaking a couple benadryls in before I eat then sleep for the next 12 hours. I will buy ground buffalo, which is an OK substitute, but this is limited and cannot be found at the great burger restaurants in the greater NYC area.

Have you heard of anyone or has any of your readers experienced a similar allergic reaction to beef? If so, how did they respond? I am desperately seeking alternatives to my burger fixation.

Bovinely challenged,
Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Bryan,
Wow. You have my deepest sympathies.

Never in all my years of involvement with AHT have I ever heard of anyone having a beef allergy. Wheat, peanuts, etc., sure. But beef, wow.

I am hoping someone out there has an answer to your question.

And I'm also hoping this recent round of allergies passes as did the first one you experienced.

Beef and sympathy,

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