Oh, hell. "Dijongate," sparked by Obama and Biden's visit to Ray's Hell Burger, is probably pretty played out by now. I started a post about it yesterday and started bloviating, but my draft got too long and became unfocused. Partly because there are too many food issues it brings up for any one blog post.

And my post probably was hypocritical, too, given the small amount of crap we've given Obama ourselves about cooking burgers to medium-well—and given AHT's general complaints about fancy-pants burgers in general.

Anyway, the thing that has political bloggers in a huff is that MSNBC edited out the part of the video where Obama asks for "a spicy mustard, or a Dijon mustard or somethin'."

Newscasts routinely edit out inconsequential parts of interviews and gathered footage, right? So why would this be a big deal?

Cut to Sean Hannity:

Oh. I see. Dijon mustard is elitist, apparently. Dijongate is all about MSNBC trying to protect Obama from himself.

But let's say that MSNBC was doing some helpful editing—does the prez really need protecting? OK. Before I run the risk of bloviating again, I'm going to bring it back to this: What do you all think of Dijon mustard on burgers? Bonus question: Is Dijon mustard elitist?



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