Clicking in to the AHT inbox early yesterday morning, we had this email from Midtown Lunch's Zach Brooks.


Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersAHT,
Totally buried in this article about Portland, Oregon, food carts—a food cart in Portland is making your burger creation!

Brunch Box, around the corner, was making its own English muffins, plus crazy burgers like the OMG! ($6), a cheeseburger with egg, ham, SPAM and bacon; and the YouCanHasCheeseburger ($5), a patty stuck between two Texas-toast grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Dear Zach,
I love how this story is actually about "frugal Portland" in general, but you have reduced it to an article "about Portland food carts." Haha. I know how your mind works. Thanks for emailing this.

I might point out that we were only riffing on a burger created by someone else. Looks like the Brunch Box riffed on it further, making the grilled cheeses from Texas toast.

Unless the patty is huge, I think that's a mistake, as that would be too much bread/sandwich, throwing the beef-bun/sandwich ratio out of whack.

You probably already know about this site, Zach, but Food Carts Portland has a review of the Brunch Box.


And now, something for you folks in Portland. I have an extra copy of George Motz's Hamburger America book here. (It features Giant Drive-In, Lake Oswego; Helvetia Tavern, Hillsboro; and Stanich's, Portland.)

The first person to send me a photo of the YouCanHasCheeseburger gets it:

Update: We have a winner(s)! Chris K. was first with an actual photo. But Devlyn pointed me to a link I somehow missed last week—the Portland Mercury eats two different fatty melts from rival Portland food carts! They'll both be getting books.

The Brunch Box

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