One is a doughnut-like treat that looks like a burger and the other is a burger that kind of looks like a doughnut. But neither creation from Mosdo, the partnership between Japanese chains Mos Burger and Mister Donut, actually combines sweet, fried dough with meat patty. Sigh. One can dream.


So here's what they came up with. From Mister Donut comes the Donut Burger, or the "No Way Burger." These tiny burger-like treats are made of doughnut "buns" and chocolate rice puff "patties" topped with either strawberry whipped cream and strawberry sauce for the "tomato," or green tea whipped cream and green tea sauce for the "lettuce." They even come with french fry-like doughnut sticks called potedo, a combination of "potato" and "doughnut." You can get both donut burgers for ¥168 ($1.76), and the potedo for ¥126 ($1.32).


From Mos Burger comes another doughnut burger, this one in the form of what looks like a regular burger except the patty has a hole in the center and is filled with wasabi mayonnaise. So when you get to the center of your burger, you can get a mouthful of sauce and not meat? ....Hm.

...I'd still want to try it, of course.

Thanks to Emily Koh for helping with the translations!


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