Happy National Burger Month

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Classic Hamburger

20090501-burgermonth.jpgHappy Burger Month, everybody! Although we don't know the history of this month-long holiday, the general consensus on the Internet is that May is the month of burger love. Krystal has taken control of the holiday at nationalhamburgermonth.com where they'll be offering prizes every day this month.

How will AHT celebrate the festivities? By doing...pretty much the same thing we do every month. But you can take this opportunity (or use it as an excuse) to indulge in more burgers than you normally would.

Beef up (yeah, I just saw your eyes roll) your knowledge of burger history by reading about the history of the hamburger and checking out this gallery of burger photos from the 1930s and 1940s. You can also curl up with a good ol' burger book.

Feel like making a burger? If you're insane, you can try the labor-intensive Blumenburger, but for something more manageable there's the onion burger, Wite Castle Klone, or go easy with a classic hamburger. Or try the AHT favorite by unleashing the power of HAMBURGER FATTY MELT!

If you'd rather eat a burger made by someone else than yourself, check out these best-of burger lists and reviews to give you some ideas.

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