Photograph by John Linn of New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Le Tub in Hollywood, Florida, has been recommended multiple times on AHT and elsewhere for their cheeseburger, but it never left much of an impression on me until I read John Linn's feature on the burger in New Times Broward-Palm Beach. In his post, Linn describes the burger's composition (100 percent sirloin), fattiness ("You take a bite, and gobs of rendered fat drip down your chin and on to your plate"), and flavor (not quite beefy enough), and how the burger is cooked.

But it's the food porn that seals the deal, of course. Jesus, that's a lot of meat. 13 ounces, apparently, most of it pink and glistening. Although I generally don't like burgers that go over half a pound and/or require an unhinged jaw to actually fit in one's mouth, I'd considering trying this burger in the tiny chance I ever find myself in South Florida. [via Michael Makis]


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