Food Network Magazine chooses the 50 best burgers in the country, one burger for each state. Full list after the jump.

Alabama: Creek Bank Restaurant | Large Cheeseburger

Alaska: Long Branch Saloon | Bacon Cheeseburger

Arizona: Carlsbad Tavern | Habanero Cheeseburger

Arkansas: Cotham’s In the City | Hubcap Burger

California: In-N-Out Burger | Double-Double [AHT review]

Colorado: Jack-N-Grill | The Juarez

Connecticut: Ted's Restaurant | Steamed Cheeseburger [AHT review]

Delaware: Nage | Prime Rib Burger

Florida: El Rey De Las Fritas | Frita Burger

Georgia: Holeman & Finch Public House | Down Low Cheeseburger

Hawaii: Hukilau Café | Loco Moco

Idaho: Big Juds | Big Jud Special

Illinois: Kuma’s Corner | The Slayer

Indiana: Farm Bloomington | Lugar Burger

Iowa: Hickory Park Restaurant Co. | Famous Garbage Burger

Kansas: Winstead's | Steakburger [AHT review, AHT review]

Kentucky: W.W. Cousins | Hamburger

Louisiana: Mason's Grill | Cajun Shrimp Burger

Maine: Owls Head General Store | Seven-Napkin Burger

Maryland: Mother's Federal Hill Grille | Heart Attack on a Plate

Massachusetts: Christopher's Restaurant & Bar | English Burger

Michigan: Hunter House Hamburgers | Hamburger

Minnesota: Vincent - A Restaurant | The Vincent Burger

Mississippi: White Trolley Cafe | The Slugburger

Missouri: Blanc Burgers + Bottles | Inside Out Burger

Montana: Ford’s Drive-In | Cheeseburger Deluxe

Nebraska: Twisted Cork Bistro | Twisted Cork Burger

Nevada: Kilroy's | Classic Patty Melt

New Hampshire: Gilley’s PM Lunch | Chiliburger [AHT review]

New Jersey: Stage Left | The Best Cheeseburger in the World

New Mexico: Clancy’s Irish Cantina | Green Chile Cheeseburger

New York: Burger Joint | Cheeseburger [AHT review]

North Carolina: Raleigh Times Bar | The Raleigh Times Burger

North Dakota: Hi-Ho South | Double Cheeseburger

Ohio: Terry's Turf Club | Burger

Oklahoma: Johnnie's Grill | Fried Onion Burger

Oregon: Skyline Restaurant | Skyline Burger

Pennsylvania: Royal Tavern | Angus Burger [AHT review]

Rhode Island: Haven Brothers | Murder Burger

South Carolina: Nu-Way Lounge & Restaurant | Redneck Cheeseburger

South Dakota: Hemmer Brothers | The Squealer

Tennessee: Rotier's | Cheeseburger

Texas: Perini Ranch Steakhouse | Hamburger

Utah: Acme Burger Company | Spicy Moroccan Lamb Burger

Vermont: The Shopping Bag | Scibek Sizzler

Virginia: Ray’s Hell-Burger | Cheeseburger

Washington: Lunchbox Laboratory | Dork Burger

West Virginia: Hillbilly Hot Dogs | The Doublewide

Wisconsin: Great Dane Pub | Brat & Bacon Pretzel Burger

Wyoming: Terry Bison Ranch | Bison Burger Platter


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