Speaking of grilled-cheese-bun burgers, here's another message from the AHT inbox. This time, some infuriating news from longtime AHT reader ratbuddy.


The original Fatty Melt. Someone is trying to steal its name!

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersAdam,
I just had to let you know about this.

Checking the restaurant reviews on my local paper's website, I came across a new opening in the local Max mini-empire. It's called Max Burger.

I got a little pissed about halfway through the article, when they mention a burger that was ripped straight from A Hamburger Today:

The choices range from the "Max Classic," a 5- or 8-ounce burger with Max sauce served on an artisan roll, to the "Fatty Melt," an 8-ounce burger served between two grilled cheeses and topped with house-cured bacon.

I'm assuming you guys invented it; if I'm in error on that, oops. The story here has the details. I've never seen a "fatty melt" on a restaurant menu--maybe I'll stop in and grab one to send pictures.


Dear Ratbuddy,


Hmmm. [Deep breath, deep breath ...]

Ugh. OK. Admittedly, we didn't invent the Fatty Melt concept. There was already a burger called the "Chubby Melt" on the menu of the Mossy Creek Cafe in Virginia. We first heard about it when someone commented about it on AHT (although the restaurant seems to have taken it off its menu).

Anyway, that burger sounded amazing--except for the sautéed onion, mushroom, and Thousand Island toppings, which I thought threatened to overwhelm the grilled cheese flavor.

So I tweaked the recipe, paring it down to highlight both the beef and grilled cheese components. I didn't want to bite Mossy Creek too much so I HAD THE DECENCY TO CHANGE THE NAME OF MY BURGER.

We called ours the Hamburger Fatty Melt, or the Fatty Melt for short. (And lest Rich Rosenthal get any other ideas, we also came up with The Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt.)

Thank you for calling this to my attention, Ratbuddy. AHT will have to come up with a response.



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