Parisian burgers aren't burgers from Paris (well, not in this context) but the most popular burgers that were served at Linda's Drive-In in Mountain View, California, during its operation from 1956 to 1985. The Parisian burger, named after the bakery that supplied its buns, consisted of two beef patties, American cheese, a French roll bun, and "special sauce." Tater tots came on the side.

In Linda's absence, two local restaurants are now serving Parisian burgers: Bay Area Texas-style barbecue chain Armadillo Willy's and Italian restaurant Pezzella's Villa Napoli. Daniel DeBolt of Mountain View Voice reviews the burgers with the help of his uncle Geoff, who regularly ate Parisian burgers as a teenager. Armadillo Willy's wins over Pezzella's:

Though it had less meat (one patty instead of Pezzella's historically correct double patty), the bun was more like sourdough, and it had more sauce with a "heavier" and "spicier" flavor to it. It also came with crispier tater tots. [...] Armadillo Willy's was closer by price, too.

Armadillo Willy's says they're serving the Parisian burger for "a limited time" at their nine locations.

For a closer look at the burger, Pezella's features this video of how they make their Parisian burger.

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