Editor's note: Here's another San Diego review from Colin Parent. Check out his first review of The Linkery if you missed it last week.


Burger Lounge is a three-store chain of upscale fast food burgers in San Diego, California. Starting with a branch in posh La Jolla, they followed with storefronts in Kensington—an older but up-and-coming suburb of downtown—and the rarified island neighborhood of Coronado. A Hamburger Today posted about Burger Lounge once before, but a full review is in order.

The patties of their Grilled Lounge Burger ($7.95) are made with organic grass-fed beef. The result is a clean, tight flavor, with almost a hint of sour—one might even call it "grassy." The beef is lean, unlike the usual upscale burger, resulting in is a less indulgent, but more concentrated and tangy beef flavor. The patties are wide, loosely packed, and not very thick.

The menu claims the buns are made with a blend of whole wheat flour, but they feel far too delicate to be made of anything but air and magic. They're lightly toasted, with a thin char around the edges.

The burger's relatively low fat content means it's not very juicy, but the rest of the burger is full of moisture. Be aware that the Thousand Island dressing is abundant—this burger will ruin your shirt.

Like its California cousin In-N-Out, Burger Lounge serves very fresh and crisp vegetables. The iceberg lettuce provides a solid crunch. Grilled onions here are a revelation, possessing a deep richness to them that remind you almost of Worcestershire, or dirt—in a good way.


Burger Lounge also serves a solid basil-stuffed grilled turkey burger ($7.95) that gives the beef patty a run for its money. They also offer a fried quinoa burger ($7.95) for the vegetarians that tastes like like a creamier version of a large falafel patty, but on a burger bun instead of a more typical pita.


The fries are crispy and covered in herbs and garlic. Eat them fast—the ones at the bottom get soggy quick.

Burger Lounge serves beer and wine, as well as salads and desserts.

Burger Lounge

La Jolla: 1101 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037
Kensington: 4116 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116
Coronado: 922 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118
Mon. to Sat., 11 a.m. - 9 p.m; Sun., 11 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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