Photograph by Pomai at The Tasty Island

Pomai of Hawaii-based blog The Tasty Island ate a May's Teri Burger at the 2009 Punahou Carnival held last week on February 6 and 7. When he described it as, "Pretty much your average May’s Teri Burger," my first thought was, "What the heck is a May's Teri Burger?" I looked to Serious Eats contributor, native Hawaiian, and May's burger lover Kathy YL Chan for some answers. Her response:

It's a burger brand used by many local restaurants. The meat itself and the final product is not the greatest out there, but then again, everything automatically tastes better in Hawai'i. That's just a fact! If you brought the burger to NYC and fed it to New Yorkers here they'd be like, "Uh...um...ok. Nothing special." I think a good part of it is nostalgia.

Kathy's friend Kelly adds:

I think they're the best frozen burger you can buy, and the price is good. It smells incredible when you barbecue it and goes well with practically any condiment because, due to its strong flavor, the condiments don't overpower the burger.

What is the burger's flavor? Kathy say it tastes sweet. I'll have to try one when I visit Hawaii. What do you think of May's teri burgers?

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